World Port Center

Foster and Partners

The British architect and Pritzker-prize winner, Sir Norman Foster, designed the master plan for Wilhelmina Pier so that buildings would vary in height. His own skyscraper is 404 feet high (124 meters), now with four buildings in Kop van Zuid taller. His 33 story tall building and Piano's KPN/ Beelvédère were the first high rise buildings in the area. The largest tenant of the building is the Port of Rotterdam which rents floors 2 to 19.

Distant views

Montevideo is to the left in the left photo and the Terminal Building Holland-Amerika Lijn is in the center photo. On the left the northeast side of the building is visible whereas the center photo shows the east side of the building.

The southeast side; the west side

The skyline identity of this skyscraper is quite varied. The building has at the top a disaster response center since with its height it can coordinate activities.

Lower west side; lower southeast side

The building is clad in aluminum panels.

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Buildings on this site in Kop van Zuid

De Rotterdam (OMA, Koolhaas)
Erasmus Bridge (Van Berkel & Bos)
Headquarters Holland-Amerika Lijn (J. Muller et al)
Luxor Theater (Bolles+Wilson)
Maastoren (Dam and Partners)
Montevideo (Mecanoo Architects)
New Orleans (Siza)
Office Building KPN/ Beelvédère (Piano)
Office Building Wilhelminahof (Dam et al)
Terminal Building Holland-Amerika Lijn (Brinkman, Van der Broek and Bakema)
Workshop Building Holland-Amerika Lijn/Las Palmas (Van der Broek and Bakema; Benthem Crouwel)
World Port Center (Foster)

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