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Gio Ponti and James Sudler

Brutalist architecture

This is the first and sole building in the United States by Ponti, an architect from Milan. See, for example, his Pirelli tower, built in his home city with the engineer/architect Luigi Nervi. Unlike the skyscraper in Milan, this building is more disconcerting, more irregular in its forms. Generally defined as "Brutalist," it has a fortress look, even to the uneven roof line, resembling crenelation, and the narrow slit windows.

The entrance tube

With the new addition to the Denver Art Museum, the main entrance has been moved.

Sculpture: Wheel by Edgar Heap of Birds (HOCK E AYE VI)

This sculpture of red porcelain enamel over steel is installed on the Acoma Plaza, 2005.

The connection between the old and new buildings

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