Nicola Pisano

This pulpit postdates Nicola's pulpit for the Baptistry in Pisa. The second level has sculptural personifications of Christian Virtues and Evangelists and Prophets in the spandrels. The top register has large statues between the reliefs and seven large multifigural reliefs all relating to the theme of Salvation.


The octagonal pulpit supported by nine columns

Some of the columns rest on lions or lionesses while the central column is supported by a sculpture of the seven liberal arts and philosophy, a subject emphasizing how man can perceive God through intellectual means in addition to faith. See also the voussoirs of the South Portal, West Front at Chartres for a similar emphasis. Stylistically, this pulpit is notable because the figures express very real and different human emotions.

Center: Visitation and Nativity; right: Adoration of the Magi

Note the beautiful statue of the Madonna and Child in the right image.

Left: The crucifixion; center: Last Judgment--The Blessed (one of two panels separated by a large statue of Christ as Judge)

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