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Thom Mayne/Morphosis Architects

Thom Mayne of Morphosis Architects won the 2005 Pritzker architecture prize. Astounding buildings like this multi-purpose campus facility clearly evidence why. Not just the structures but the philosophy as well. Here, Main Street, the primary campus thoroughfare in the center of campus, begins at the east end with this impressive building. Sight lined guide one to the enter. "The 350,000 square feet building, part of the UC Master Plan, includes a Recreation Center with two 2 pools, basketball gymnasium, racquetball courts, multipurpose rooms, fitness and weight lifting areas), a Food Court, Student Housing, a convenience store and varsity gymnasium facilities" (arcspace website). The building is clad with painted aluminum and steel, thus blending in with the Tangeman University Center and the Steger Student Life Center.


The front entrance


Student housing

There are 112 suites for upperclassmen with two single bedrooms, baths, and a shared small kitchen.

Student housing is lifted off the ground on pilotis and looks out over the stadium and activities on Main Street.

Looking back at the student housing section of the building


Other views of the student housing section of the building


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