Zocalo (condominium project)--page 1 (of two pages)

Ricardo Legorreta
Phase 1: 2002 Phase 2: 2005

Although Ricardo Legorreta and the firm Legorreta + Legorreta have most often been involved in designing high end hotels and houses as well as monumental pubic buildings, they have imagined here middle-class community living in the suburbs of a sophisticated western city. Located in Northern Hills just five minutes from Santa Fe, this community combines traditional pueblo architecture with the unique style of Legorreta, an architecture which uses bold colors and varied combinations of geometric shapes--a kind of brilliantly colored minimalism. The firm's web site adds this: "A pedestrian scale was sought that would avoid the sensation of being in a vast compound, to which end we created plazas and private roads for each group of houses."

Looking toward the gateway of the main entrance

Rather than arched gates, here the standard post-lintel construction of Pueblo architecture is imitated--as well as "modern" straight lines.

A distant view of a housing cluster


Streets within the housing compound


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