Hotel La Purificadora

Ricardo Legorreta
2007 (remodeled building)

The name of this boutique hotel (only 26 guest rooms) was the name of the factory originally in this building, a facility for purifying and bottling water. In remodeling this building for a different use, Legorreta used stone from the original for the facing on the facade and some of the original wood. This was combined with his signature minimalism and modern materials, here a bit more elegant with onyx, for example, in the bathroom, and minus his striking use of color--here reduced to a kind of monochrome. Located in the historic center, next to the famous Church of Saint Francis and across from the new conventions center, this small hotel also has a lovely restaurant, a rooftop bar and glass swimming pool, offices, and meeting rooms.

The narrow street with the hotel from a distance; right, the modest entrance--west side of hotel

The white box to the left is the three-story hotel with the open roof-top bar, which overlooks a park to the south. (See below.)

The dramatic patio area

The rooms of the hotel form an "L" around this patio on the east and south sides on the first and second floors. The reception or check-in desk is located behind this view of the patio (the west front of the hotel), while the restaurant is located on the other side (the south) on the ground floor. The partially covered patio is the full height of the hotel. The elegant stairway on the north looks on the sacred space of the St Francis.

The south side

The restaurant occupies the ground floor and the next two floors are guest rooms, the second story rooms with minimalist glass balconies.

The south side


Views from the roof-top bar of the convention center to the west and the park to the south.


Views to the west.

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