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Farshid Moussavi
Public plaza designed by James Corner Field Operations, a New York-based landscape architecture and urban design firm

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This striking museum, designed by Iranian-born Farshid Moussavi of London, is prominently located on a corner of Euclid Avenue and Mayfield Road, near the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Botanical Garden. This dramatic four-story building, with nearly 34,000-square-foot, rises 60 feet from a hexagonal base to a square top. The core of the structure is actually a 92' by 92' cube and the building's hexagonal base allows for several entrances. This contemporary art museum owns no permanent collection but features exhibits in a large gallery on the top story and smaller galleries on other floors. On the first floor there is an interesting shop featuring rather avant-garde items as well as a large multi-purpose event space. "Clad primarily in mirror-finish black Rimex stainless steel, the façade will reflect its urban surroundings, changing in appearance with differences in light and weather" (MOCA's website).

The main facade

Images are arranged clockwise around the building, starting at the (south) west side.

The (north) east face of the building with a small landscaped park to the northeast

Also see the last row of images on this page for views of the landscaped area.

The (north) east face of the building with an entrance into the gift shop


The main entrance

According to MOCA's website, the public plaza designed by James Corner Field Operations will serve as a public gathering place linking the museum to "Uptown attractions and amenities, including the expanded Cleveland Institute of Art. . . and new commercial space and residential units.

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