Tinguely Museum

Mario Botta

This museum is located far from the city center in a busy suburban area. The entrance to the museum is along the north side with the south side fronting the Rhine River. (See this Wikimedia image of the south side by Adrian Michael.) The east side is a tall imposing wall fronting a very busy and noisy motorway. (See this wikimedia image by Taxiarchos228.) It is the west front which faces the historic Solitude Park and opens up into a sculpture garden and beautiful green space. After a long processional entranceway at the north side, the hall turns to the left and leads to the entrance to the museum proper. The museum itself is essentially a rectangle, but with four very different sides.

View of the west facade facing the park

A wide porch runs across the front with a series of unusual "naves." The porch leads to the entrance at the far right.

The processional walkway leading to the entrance corridor and its unusual louvered wall panels


The entrance corridor/porch leading to the entrance


Views of the processional entrance leading from the east wall to the corridor/porch and ultimately out to the park


Looking back east toward the processional entrance


Angled view of the tall east wall of the museum

(See also this wikimedia image by Taxiarchos228.)

Sculptural fountain and standing sculpture by Tinguely


Gwendolyn, a sculpture by Tinguely's wife, Niki de Saint Phalle

See also Botta's BIS Administration Building in Basel.

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