Alexander Telfair House (or Telfair Academy)

William Jay
c. 1820
remodeled in 1883 with the addition of a sculpture gallery and Rotunda by Detlef Lienau

Front (East elevation) overlooking Telfair Square

This English Regency building has certain resemblances to Jay's earlier Scarbrough House. The lovely portico has more elaborate capitals--a kind of composite with both floral and anthemion motifs. (Several sources say these are coade stone capitals--that is, a ceramic material, not stone.) The classical portico is still surmounted by a large semicircular window to illuminate the interior. The structure is symmetrical with a double stairway and decorative ironwork faux balconies.

Oblique views and views of the side

In the 1880's the mansion was enlarged. An attic story was added and statues were added representing artistic icons. See below from left to right: Rubens, Raphael, Phidias, Michelangelo, and Rembrandt. I do not know who the sculptor was; if you have information about this, please contact me at the email address below.

See the Richardson House and the Scarbrough House by William Jay.

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