Old Mill

Frank Carmean
sculpture by Dionico Rodriguez

Note: These wonderful photographs were taken by my brother Doug Miller, who generously contributed them to this website. If you are interested in the photographs, please contact him directly: Doug Miller

Located in North Little Rock, the Old Mill (or Pugh's Mill) is a re-creation of a 19th century water-powered grist mill. This replica was designed to look as if it had been in this location since the nineteenth century although much of the structure is not what it appears. (Tinted concrete reinforced by metal rods is designed to resemble wood and stone.)
The mill also has played a role in popular culture, having been seen in the opening scene of the movie classic, "Gone with the Wind."

Entrance to Old Mill and interior


Sculptures by Mexican-American sculptor Dionico Rodriguez

The park has a variety of concrete sculptures (with internal steel framework): a twisted black locust footbridge, a persimmon tree bridge, a plank wagon bridge, toadstools, fences, fallen tree branches, a pump and a trough, and rustic seating. Concrete sculpted to imitate wood is called "rustico" or "el trabajo rustico" (rustic work) in Mexico.

View down river to the concrete bridge


The sculptural concrete bridge


Outlying areas with seemingly natural seating, tree stumps, and toadstools (picnic tables)

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