Orvieto Cathedral: interior--page 6 (of six pages)

Arnolfo di Cambio; Lorenzo Maitani
1290-1330 CE

The six pages include the following:
page one: exterior views, rose window, mosaics
page two: bronze Evangelists' symbols (Maitani); 20th century bronze door
page three: pillars one and two: stories from Genesis and Messianic prophesies (Maitani)
page four: pillar 3: New Testament events--life of Jesus (Maitani)
page 5: pillar 4: Last Judgment
page 6: interior views; Gentile da Fabriano fresco

The nave toward the altar

The stately interior has a nave flanked by side aisles, the nave being twice as broad as the aisles. It is relatively undecorated with only the black and white stripes adding variation. Capitals in the nave arcade are beautifully carved with floral motifs. See below.

Left: nave with tall clerestory windows possible because of the wooden roof; center: the roof and clerestory; right: decorative capital


The apse with 14th century frescoes representing events in the life of the Virgin


Left and center: the nave looking toward the entrance; right: side aisle


Side aisle with small semi-circular chapels

See nave exterior for the external view. Some of the original frescoes remain in part.


Madonna and Child, fresco on a side aisle wall by Gentile da Fabriano, 1425


Early 15th century baptismal font

Various designers and sculptors worked on this elaborate font with an octagonal red marble basin supported by eight lions. The small temple above was added a few years later by another sculptor. Sources attribute this font to different artists.

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