Entrance to the Louvre

I. M. Pei

Although Pei's design was initially very controversial, anyone who visited the Louvre prior to this new entrance can recall standing in long lines and walking forever once inside (inevitably getting lost!). Without changing any of the exterior architecture, Pei created this entrance by excavating the Napoleon Court, formerly a parking lot in the center of the wings. The lower level, then, serves not only as the infrastructure for the museum but provides easy and clear access to the three wings of the musuem. In the center of the court is the entrance pyramid, about 66 feet tall and made of clear glass about 3/4" thick.


A beautiful photograph of the pyramid is at this site.

See also this site for Pei's own comments on this work.

Other buildings by I. M. Pei on this site include:Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, Dreyfus Building, MIT, East Building, National Gallery of Art, Green Building, MIT, John F. Kennedy Library, John Hancock Tower, Landau Building, MIT, and National Bank of Commerce.

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