The Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut

Charles Edouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier)

Note: All of these wonderful photographs of the Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut were photographed in 2001 by Dan Delgado who generously contributed them for viewing at this site. He owns the copyright and should be contacted directly if you are interested in the use of his photographs: Dan Delgado

After World War II Le Corbusier was less interested in architecture of the "Machine Age." Instead of rectilinear geometries, his architecture is more "primitive" and sculptural. On a hill, this monumental pilgimage church is a dramatic form with the contrasts of a dark roof and the white-washed walls of rough masonry.

View from the southeast where the two curving walls meet; right: above the door where the two curving walls meet (facing east)


The south wall and the roof line

The south wall has punched-out windows randomly placed.

Details of the south wall


The east wall

The east wall has an outside pulpit for open-air services.

The north wall

Side by side towers mark the north door.

Views of the chapel in a collage designed by Dan Delgado

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