Phoenix Grill, University of California, Irvine

Rebecca L. Binder

This 5800 square foot cafeteria, originally know as the Social Sciences Satellite Food Facility, is located in the university's central garden mall. The building is sited to echo the geometries of the master plan (the steel roof beams point to the center of the park on a north-south orientation) and to integrate the artificial structure with the park.

The overhanging roof provides some shelter from the elements. Floor to roof windows, framed in a grid of anodized aluminum, provide natural light to the interior and connect the interior with the exterior.

The outdoor eating areas are raised on a platform, thus giving extensive views of the surrounding park.

Click here to see the back, additional details, and the interior of the Phoenix Grill.

Other works on this site by Binder include: Ackerman Student Union, UCLA, Information Computer Sciences/Engineering Research Facility, U. C. Irvine, and University Dining Complex, California Polytechnic State University.

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