Fruitmarket Gallery

Richard Murphy Architects

This space was originally a fruit and vegetable market, built in 1938; thus the name. It has operated as a gallery space since the mid 70's and in 1992 was closed for a remodel by Richard Murphy Architects, which was completed in 1993. Major changes included opening up the front with the addition of windows and glass bricks and constructing a new overhanging roof, thus making the gallery walls higher and filling the gallery with natural light through the clerestory windows.

The original stone facade

Sections were removed for additional windows and a new entrance with an upper level providing a hoist to transports works of art.

Ground floor at street level

Cafe and book shop are located at the front

Central stairway with the bottom like a steel fire escape

The lower portion was designed to lift up when the gallery is closed.

The central stairway leading to the upper level gallery


The upper gallery with clerestory windows


Exposed support system

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