The Hirshhorn Sculpture Gardens

This page includes works by Judith Shea, David Smith, Tony Smith, Kenneth Snelson, Fritz Wotruba, and Francisco Zuñiga, .

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Judith Shea

1991, bronze
See also Rodin's Balzac.

David Smith

Agricola I
1951-2, painted steel

David Smith

Cubi XII
1963, stainless

David Smith

Pittsburgh Landscape
1954, painted steel relief

David Smith

Voltri XV
1962, steel

Tony Smith

1978-79, painted aluminum

Kenneth Snelson

Needle Tower
1968, aluminum and stainless steel
The dramatic details below were taken by my friend and colleague Dr. Michael D. Edmiston, Ph.D., Professor of Physics and Chemistry at Bluffton College. These photos, taken in 1975, were scanned from 35mm Tri-X negatives. Dr. Edmiston has generously contributed them for viewing at this site. He owns the copyright and should be contacted directly if you are interested in the use of his photographs: Dr. Michael D. Edmiston. Dr. Edmiston says of this sculpture: "This has always been a favorite of mine because of the engineering involved as well as the overall visual effect. When you walk up to the sculpture it is impressive to see these rather large shining cylinders suspended in air at interesting angles, self-supporting. My first photo was an attempt to show what it's like standing right next to it, and it also shows the complicated cable structure. However, the most amazing thing to me, and I'm afraid many people miss it, is walking directly under it and looking straight up. Who would have guessed the pattern that you see."

Black and white details of Kenneth Snelson's Needle Tower by Dr. Michael D. Edmiston.


Fritz Wotruba

Figure with Raised Arms
bronze, 75¼" H, 19½" W, 15" D

Zuñiga, Francisco

Seated Yucatán Woman [the title the museum has given the work]
According to Ariel Zuñiga, the title of the piece is Juchiteca sentada (Seated Juchiteca). She explains that Juchitan is a town in the south of Oaxaca (Pacific coast) and not Yucatan which is in the East side of Mexico.

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