West Virginia State Capitol (page 1 of 2 pages)

Cass Gilbert

west wing: 19244-25; east wing: 1926-27; rotunda: 1930-32

The front facade looking south

The present capitol was built in three stages over an eight-year period. It is a "U"-shaped complex with the rotunda at the bottom of the "U" (or the south) and with east and west wings forming the sides of the "U."

Views of the rotunda

The liberty bell is identical to the original liberty bell. The fountain (between the bell and the stairs) was part of Gilbert's original design.

The classical portico

The exterior is built of buff Indiana limestone. Note the Corinthian capitals with an eagle resting atop the acanthus leaves.

Details of the portico, portal, and coffered ceiling


The dome

The dome is 293 feet high, five feet high than that of the U. S. Capitol. It is gilded in 23 ½ karat gold leaf, most recently gilded from 1988-91.

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