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Studio Works: Robert Mangurian and design partner: Craig Hodgetts, now of Hodgetts + Fung

"The new building for the Southside Settlement is in a portion of Columbus known for its tenacious community spirit in spite of numbing poverty and systematic neglect. The architectural challenge was to represent the community values of self-reliance, determination and realism. . . yet also to provide accommodation for the round-the-clock activities of a town center" (Hodgetts + Fung: scenarios and spaces 21).

This 20,000 square foot Settlement is broken up into a series of smaller structures: long rectangles at the front (south) and rear (north); a theater on the east end and a gym at the west end, and a central courtyard. In a residential area, the Settlement respects its context: it is no higher than most of the houses in the area and both the theater and gym have gabled roofs, typical of the older houses in the neighborhood. Floors are cement and the building is made of concrete blocks.

The front (south) facade


Views from the east--with the ramp and walkway leading to the courtyard entrance


The east end with the ramp and theater

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Work Cited: Hodgetts + Fung: scenarios and spaces. New York: Rizzoli, 1997.

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