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David Adjaye

One of Britain's leading contemporary architects, David Adjaye designed his first art museum, MCA Denver in its historic Lower Downtown. Born in Tanzania, he currently works in London, having degrees from British universities. Adjaye is known in Europe for his use of industrial building materials, here tinted glass and reflective light-colored concrete on the exterior and MonoPan as an inner layer of translucent insulation made of woven recycled plastic and used in the fabrication of trailers, roofs of delivery trucks and storage sheds, among other products.

A dark-gray 27,000-square-foot glass box

The museum on this busy corner has five galleries and a rooftop cafe and garden as well as offices and other spaces. There are three levels of different heights.

Views from the side

Toxic Schizophrenia (Hyper Version) by Tim Noble & Sue Webster, 2007
1040 colored turbo reflector caps, lamps and holders, glass fiber, steel, transparent, resin, LED strips, paint, DMX controlled relay sequencer

Views of the far side


View of the rooftop pavilion (from below) and a detail of the concrete facing



Here is an entry ramp instead of a front door. One turns the corner to enter the museum. The view at the right looks back toward the entrance.

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