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Victor Cohen, Augusto de Leon Fajardo, Peter Giesemann, Adoldo Lau and Guillermo Permueller--all Guatemalan architects

This museum, like the adjoining Popol Vuh Museum with a collection of Mayan artifacts, is located on the campus of Francisco Marroquín University. The mission of this museum is the conservation and exhibition of indigenous apparel. Built with the support of both domestic and foreign donors, this 3000 square meter building provides display and storage space for the unique collection of textiles. The museum's name recognizes the pre-Hispanic Mayan goddess of fertility and weaving.

According to their web site "A very prestigious textile symbol was chosen as the distinctive figure on the frieze, known as rupan plato. It is often woven into the huipiles and over-huipiles of Comalapa. It represents a ritual plate of offerings, normally of bread and fruit, blessed by the cofradías during ceremonies." The museum also includes a library, a learning center for children and a gift shop. On permanent display are paintings by Guatemalan artists Andrés Curruchich, who painted scenes of local life around San Juan Comalapa, and Carmen Pettersen, who painted portraits of the indigenous peoples in their traditional dress.


The Popol Vuh Museum on the long side


Center: photograph from inside the Popol Vuh Museum; right: back of the Popul Vuh Museum

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