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Gae Aulenti
completed 1987

The old train station, Gare d'Orsay, built in 1900 by the Beaux-arts architect Victor Laloux, was remodelled as a space for 19th century art. Trains once arrived in this space. This remodelling effort has been criticized. An example of the extensive criticism is quoted here:

"Stone-clad and pharonic in inspiration, the overall effect is of a Vegas Valley-of-the Kings, extremely ill at ease in its belle-époque setting. Apologists for Hi-tech--surely the late-20C equivalent of 19C iron tchnology--will be horrified by the clumsy PoMo pastiches of industrial forms. Worst of the gallery space is second-rate and disjointed" (Ayers 134).

The vaulted central space looking toward the entrance

The central nave-like space is 450 long beneath a 103 foot barrel vault of glass and iron. A gently sloping ramp occupies the entire length. Gallery spaces flow off from this central promenade.
In spite of the post-modern style (sometimes called neo-Egyptian) of the remodelled space, we are reminded of the 19th century, both by this clock and the decorated iron work, typical of the great train stations.

The entrance with a ramp connecting the second levels.

Ramps and catwalks connect the various spaces and levels of the exhibit areas.

Looking toward the rear of the barrel-vaulted space


Work Quoted:
Andrew Ayers. The Architecture of Paris. Stuttgart/London: Edition Axel Menges, 2004.

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