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Renzo Piano / Renzo Piano Building Workshop

The Broad has an "H" plan with three stories with two symmetrical wings flanking a glass core. With a facade in unadorned Italian travertine, it has a visual unity with the earlier buildings of LACMA. It is roofed by a saw tooth arrangement of sunshades or solar panels which can generate electricity, which is used to illuminate Urban Light," the public sculpture by Chris Burden at the Wilshire boulevard entrance. See google map for orientation.

Wilshire Boulevard facade

The BP Grand Entrance to the LACMA complex (from Wilshire Boulevard) features Chris Burdenís installation, called Urban Light and comprised of 202 restored vintage street lamps. See museum's Map.


The east side flanking the entrance courtyard

Stairs, escalators,and walkways are brightly painted red steel, providing clear orientation for visitors.
This covered walkway between the Broad and the Reznick Pavilion (2010) creates an east-west axis on the LACMA campus. The other axis leads north from Wilshire beginning with the entrance outdoor sculpture by Chris Burden.
The main entrance to BCAM is on the third floor, accessed by the open-air, red escalator that traverses the building's facade.

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