St. Hubertus Hunting Lodge

Hendrik Petrus Berlage

Enchanting views across the lake

This impressive hunting lodge, the former residence of the Kröller-Müller family, was named and inspired by the legend of St. Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters. This legend, somewhat confused with the story of St. Eustache, concerns an avid hunter who encountered a magnificent stag or hart with a crucifix between his antlers (another version has an illuminated cross around his neck). Speaking to this hunter, the deer cautioned Hubertus to make amends. Subsequently, he converted, became a bishop, and later was canonized.
Berlage is known for developing a rational modern style, with plans in geometrical shapes. Here, however, the geometric plan is also symbolic. The two wings of this lodge and the tall tower symbolise the antlers and the cross of the deer. Stained-glass windows in the lodge illustrate the legend and the seal of Mrs. Kröller-Müller has a similar design.

The 31 metre-high tower and one of the gate houses at the edge of the residence

The top of the tower has stylized antlers and a cross in a masonry design.

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