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Frank Edbrooke

A legendary hotel

Numerous legends and stories are connected with this fabled hotel. The small site, a triangular cow pasture, became one of the most impressive hotels in the West due to the determination of its founder, Henry C. Brown. Pierson states, "How many hotels can claim their own artesian well in the basement, or a secret tunnel to spirit important guests, unseen, across the street for an amorous rendezvous or a spin of the roulette wheel?" (149) (See the Navarre.) He adds that this hotel has hosted almost every president since Teddy Roosevelt and became the summer White House during Eisenhower's presidency since the First Lady Mamie had come from Denver.

Neo-Renaissance style related to the works of Henry Hobson Richardson

The corners of the building are rounded, an interesting detail that is repeated in the Amoco Building across the street. Although the base is granite, the majority of the building is Arizona sandstone.

One of the entrance bays--on 17th Street


The Tremont Place entrance

An overhead pedestrian walkway leads across the street.

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Work Consulted:
Francis J. Pierson. Getting to Know Denver: five fabulous walking tours. Denver: Charlotte Square Press, 2006.

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