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Renzo Piano

This museum, in the Basel suburb of Riehen, houses the private collection of former art dealers Hildy and Ernst Beyeler, who, in addition to making their art works public, also commissioned the Pritzker laureate Renzo Piano to design the museum. Piano is especially skilled at designing elegant and tasteful art museums, as is obvious in his design for the additions at the Chicago Art Institute, the Reznick Pavilion, at the Los Angeles County Museum, and the quiet suburban museum for the Menil Collection. This museum has beautiful surroundings, the grounds of the Villa Berower estate, which provide an ideal setting for uniting nature and art. The design of the museum is simple--a long rectangle with a light-weight glass roof which allows northern light while screening off east and west light. Water features in the environment add to the tranquility and harmony with nature. Sculpture also adorns the gardens. The museum is also screened from a busy, main road.

The entrance lane;
one end, fully glazed


One end with pool and water plants


Views of the roof


Lane leading to the entrance


Looking back lane from the entrance


The modest. almost hidden entrance

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