St. Leopold "am Steinhof"

Otto Wagner

Built for the Lower Austrian Institution and Sanatorium, this church occupies a commanding position on the hills of the Vienna woods. Its gleaming dome can be seen from many high vantage points in the city of Vienna.


The entrance from the side

Although the church is built of brick, it is sheathed with sheets of white marble which are fastened by marble bands and bolts with copper tops. The dome is also copper tile (once gilded). The iron windows were also coated with copper.

The main entrance

The gilded copper angels above the entrance are by Othmar Schimkowitz, a Secession artist. See also the Secession Building by Olbrich.

A view of one side with the glass mosaic window

The window of glass mosaic, not stained glass, is by Kolo Moser.

Other buildings by Otto Wagner on this site include: Apartment Block No. 38, Majolika Haus, Subway Pavilion, and Villa Wagner.

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