Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center, University of Cincinnati--page one (of 2 pages)

Moore Ruble Yudell

The address of the Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center is UC MainStreet, a perfect designation when one walks from the Campus Recration Center at one end clear through to Tangeman University Center. There is a strog sense of an urban main street, especially too since the Student Life Center, almost comprised of pieces (or separate sections) marks out a linear path for more than 600 feet.

Between the two buildings, a winding road with the enormous Campus Recreational Center on the left and the end of the Student Life Center on the right


Views of the narrow eastern end

In the center view Tangeman University Center with the tower based on that of Philadelphia's Independence Hall is visible.


The southern facade

Like an urban bock, this building has a facade in sections, partly to accomodate the differing grade. The red brick colonnade leads to a central opening passing through the building to the courtyard on the nothern side. Seats in granite are at one end of the structure.


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