Pulpit, Pisa Cathedral

Giovanni Pisano
1302-11; reconstructed in the 20th century (with some scholars debating the accuracy of the reconstruction)

The octagonal pulpit

Giovanni was the son of Nicola (see his pulpits at the Siena Duomo and the Pisa Baptistry). Among his innovations was the addition of a platform at the top of the stairs (see center photograph), thus allowing for two additional reliefs at the top--making the total nine. He also added scenes that had not been included in earlier pulpits.

Left: Nativity and Annunciation to the Shepherds; center: Adoration of the Magi; right: Presentation in the Temple and Flight in to Egypt


Left: Massacre of the Innocents; center: Betrayal( kiss of Judas), Mocking and Flagellation--a scene new to pulpits; right: the Crucifixion


The base with a grizzled Fortitude/Hercules;

(Contrast the same personification on the Baptistry pulpit.)

the supporting figure of a lion overcoming prey--a traditional symbol

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