Secession Building, Karlsplatz

Joseph Maria Olbrich

The front facade

The Vienna Secession, an avant-garde group of artists, many of whom are associated with Jugendstil, the German variant of art nouveau, saw this building completed in time for their second exhibit, designed by one of their members. Its dignity and simplicity were seen as appropriate for a "temple" to art. The foliated dome, nicknamed by contemporaries as the "golden cabbage," is gilded with laurel leaves and berries.

The entrance

Details of the entrance and cornerstone

Design details of the side of the building and the side of the entrance

See this site for images of Gustav Klimt's Beethoven-frieze, a monumental painting on three walls designed orignally for a temporary exhibit and now housed permanently in the Secession building.

See also the Villa Ruggeri for an Italian example of this architectural style (so-called "Liberty style" in Italy).

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