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Robert A. M. Stern

The new facilities of the Darden School were ready in 1996. These facilities (referred to as Phase I) were designed by Robert A. M. Stern and include classrooms, offices, common areas, a library, and executive residences. Phase II, completed in 2002, was designed by the architectural firm of Ayers Saint Gross, and includes the Darden Center with an auditorium, dining room, and offices; a parking garage; and additions to earlier buildings. See page 3 for the Ayres Saint Gross Phase II designs.

Views of the main building

Like most post-modern architects, Stern alludes to earlier buildings, although his borrowings are often straight-forward, not ironic. This central classical building alludes to Jefferson's architecture, (the architect of the original University of Virginia campus) though less to the "academical village" than to the simple Doric portico of George Divers House outside of Charlottesville.


Both ends of the main building

A version of the Palladian window, though with bow window as well on one side

Views of the bow window side

Here Stern alludes to the gymnasium below ground in the flanking wings to the Rotunda of the original campus. See Jefferson's Rotunda. Semi-circular or lunette windows march across the basement level.
Jefferson's "academical village" is weather-sensitive with covered walkways between pavilions. Here the loggias connect buildings and use as well the Chippendale railings seen in both the original campus of the University of Virginia as well as Monticello.

Details of the main building

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