John Hancock Tower

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill; Bruce Graham and Fazlur Kahn

Located just off Lake Shore Drive, this 100-story multi-use skyscraper with offices, commercial functions, and residences tapers from top to bottom. The tapering is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional since it allows the upper stories with residential apartments to be smaller and illuminated with natural light. The exterior is of black anodized aluminum with tinted bronze glass. The cross-trussing is part of the exterior design but also provides bracing and rigidity for such a tall building in the "windy" city. (See also the Alcoa Building for a somewhat earlier use of external trusses.)

Other buildings on this site by SOM include: Alcoa Building, Beinecke Rare Book Library, Yale, Columbus City Hall, Crown Zellerbach Building, Richard Daley Center, Davies Symphony Hall, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology, Hastings College of Law, Hirshhorn Museum, Lever House, Olivetti (formerly Pepsi Cola) Building, The Republic (Newspaper) Building, and the Sears Tower.

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