Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas or the National Ceramics Museum--page 1 (of two pages)

front facade designed by Hipólito Rovira and sculpted by Ignacio Vergara
dates from 16th century; extensively remodeled in 18th century

Main entrance facade


The elaborate carved entrance portal


The figure to the right of the entrance

This baroque design depicts two muscular allegorical figures representing Valencia's two main rivers, the Turia and Júcar. Note the flowing urn, the standard classical accoutrement of a river god, as well as sea creature and foliage. The artist has played on the name of the owner, the Marques de Dos Aguas, in this grandiose entrance.

The figure to the left of the entrance

In their contortions and anatomy, the nudes here obviously owe to Michelangelo's ignudi and sculptured male figures.

The cartouche and carving above the door


Sculptural representation of the Virgin of the Rosary

Although this subject was popular in Baroque painting, more typically Saint Dominic would be represented as well as a profusion of roses.


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