Ramsay Garden

Patrick Geddes with architects Stewart Henbest Capper and Sydney Mitchell

Patrick Geddes, a nineteenth century biologist and urban planner, embarked on several projects to renovate tenement buildings and slums near the Royal Mile; Ramsay Garden, then a few Georgian homes, had fallen into disrepair. Geddes hired first Stewart Henbest Capper and later Sydney Mitchell as architects for the remodeling of Ramsay Lodge (built in the 18th century by the poet and wig-maker Allan Ramsay the Elder) and the development of six large new flats. Now a block of sixteen apartments near the Edinburgh Castle, the development features traditional domestic Scottish architecture with a profusion of balconies, towers, and castle-like elements--beautiful and fanciful, and bright red trim.


Side entrance to the apartment buildings--the street is just off the Royal Mile

Although a bit noisy, this location is now very desirable.

White harling offset with decorative red sandstone trim


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