Brookgreen Gardens

This page includes works by Robert Ingersoll Aitken, Bryant Baker, George Grey Barnard, and Gutzon Borglum.

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Robert Ingersoll Aitken
bronze statuette, 3' 4" H

A stern and powerful frontal figure, Zeus sits on a throne (with his symbol, the eagle, to the side), holding a staff and thunderbolts.

L'Après-midi d'un Faune
Bryant Baker
marble, 6' 9" H, 6' 4½" L, 2' ¾" W
George Grey Barnard
marble, 3' H, 3' 6" L, 2' 1½" W
Mares of Diomedes (middle section)
Gutzon Borglum
modeled 1904
bronze group on stone base, 3' 6½" H, 4' 8" L,
2' 9" W

This is the middle section of a group of seven horses, the first ridden by a nude male. The whole is a study in movement with horses at full gallop.

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