Colon Market--page 1

Francisco Mora

A modernista market

Like the Valencia Train Station (Estacío del Nord), this Modernista building shows off the inventiveness of the style using local crafts of masonry, iron, stained glass, and ceramic relief. The main architect, Francisco Mora, was influenced by the Catalan school of Antoní Gaudi and Doménech i Montaner. Some of the decorations feature country life in Valencia; see, for example, the ram's heads on the roof corners and the cow's heads on the entrance piers.

This busy commercial area today was in the nineteenth century a growing residential area; thus, a new public market was called for.
Ceramic oranges and grapes are featured in the spandrels above the arches.


Relief geese fly in the borders of the arch while cow's heads occupy the piers

The brick facade is enhanced by elaborate stone moldings.

Decorative mosaics in the tympanum


Fanciful tower and regal escutcheon

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Other modernista buildings in Valencia include: House of the Dragons, Estacia del Nord, and Mercat Central.

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