Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Walker Art Center--page 5 (of six)

All of the wonderful photographs on these six pages were taken by my brother, Douglas Miller, who generously photographed them for my website. He owns the copyright. If you have any interest in these images, please contact him directly: Doug Miller

Marino Marini

Cavaliere (Horseman), bronze, circa 1949

Mario Merz

Untitled, neon, glass tubing, 1996-1997
Merz, an artist associated with Arte Povera, quotes from T. S. Eliot's poem The Waste Land; the words cittą irreale ("unreal city") are in red neon script on the roof of the Cowles Conservatory.

Henry Moore

Left: Reclining Mother and Child, bronze, 1960-1961

Center: Standing Figure: Knife Edge, bronze, 1961

Left: Reuben Nakian

Goddess With The Golden Thighs, bronze, 1964-1965/1987

Center: David Nash

Standing Frame, charred white oak, 1987

Louise Nevelson

Dawn Tree, aluminum, paint, 1976

Isamu Noguchi

Theater Set Piece from Judith, bronze, 1950/1978

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