Landau Chemical Engineering Building, MIT

I. M. Pei

Pei designed the plan for this section of the MIT campus and three buildings as well--the Green Building, a skyscraper of twenty-one stories, and two strongly horizontal buildings, the Dreyfus Building and the Landau Building

The angle formed by Main Street, to the far west of the campus, and Memorial Drive, the easternmost border, is 33 degrees. This angle is repeated in the north end of the building. See I. M. Pei's later East Bulding, National Gallery of Art in Washington, D. C. for a similar design solution to the problem of site.

Louise Nevelson's Transparent Horizon is situated in front of this building.

Other buildings by I. M. Pei on this site include:Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, Dreyfus Building, MIT, East Building, National Gallery of Art, Green Building, MIT, John F. Kennedy Library, John Hancock Tower, Louvre Entrance, and National Bank of Commerce.

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