Index to the Architecture of Florida

Coral Gables
Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center, University of Miami (Leon Krier)
Memorial Classroom Building, University of Miami (Marion Manley and Robert Law Weed))
School of Architecture, University of Miami (Marion Manley)
Lake Buena Vista and Celebration
Disney Architecture [many buildings]
Florida Southern College--all by Frank Lloyd Wright Thad Buckner Building (originally E. T. Roux Library)
Carter, Walbridge, Hawkins Seminar Building
William H. Danforth Chapel
Lucius Pond Ordway Building
Annie Pfeiffer Chapel
Polk County Science Building
Covered walkways or Esplanades
Water Dome
Emile E. Watson and Benjamin Fine Administration Building
Miami Beach
Art Deco architecture (with some Moderne and other styles)--numerous buildings
Two books are notable for information on Miami Beach architecture:
Richard and Valerie Beaubien's Discovering South Beach Deco: Walking Tours in the Miami Beach Art Deco District, Dimani Press, 2004
Iris Chase's South Beach Deco, Step by Step , Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2005

Bass Museum of Art (Pancoast)
Abbey Hotel (Albert Anis, 1940)
Albion Hotel (Igor B. Polevitzky and T. Triplett Russell, 1939)
Almanac Apartments (V. H. Nellenbogen, 1934)
Beacon Hotel (Henry O. Nelson, 1936)
Bel Aire Efficiency Apartments
Cardoza Hotel (Henry Hohauser, 1939)
Carlyle Hotel (Richard Kiehnel and John Elliot, 1939)
Cavalier Hotel (Roy F. France, 1936)
Clevelander Hotel (Albert Anis, 1938)
Colony Hotel (Henry Hohauser, 1935)
Congress Hotel (Henry Hohauser, 1936)
Crescent Hotel (Henry Hohauser, 1938)
Davis Hotel (Henry Hohauser, 1941)
Delano Hotel (Robert Swartburg, 1947)
Essex Hotel (Henry Hohauser, 1938)
Fairwind Hotel (originally Fairmont) (L. Murray Dixon, 1936)
Imperial Hotel (L. Murray Dixon, 1939)
Jerry's Famous Deli (Henry Hohauser, 1940)
Kenmore Hotel (Anton Skislewicz)
Kent Hotel (L. Murray Dixon, 1939)
Leslie Hotel (Albert Anis, 1937)
Lincoln Theater (Thomas W. Lamb, 1935)
McAlpin Hotel (L. Murray Dixon, 1940)
Miami Beach Post Office (Howard L. Cheney, 1937)
Nash Hotel
National Hotel (Roy F. France, 1940)
Park Central Hotel (Henry Hohauser, 1937)
Ritz Hotel (L. Murray Dixon, 1940)
Royal Palm Hotel (Donald G. Smith, 1939)
Savoy Hotel ((originally Savoy Plaza Hotel) (Victor Hugo Nellenbogen, 1935)
Shelborne Hotel (beachside fašade by T. Triplett Russell and Igor B. Polevitzy)
Sherbrooke Hotel (MacKay and Gibbs, 1947)
Shore Park Hotel (E. A. Ehrmann, 1930)
St. Moritz Hotel (Roy F. France, 1939)
Surf Comber Hotel (MacKay and Gibbs, 1948)
Taft Hotel (Henry Hohauser, 1936)
Temple Emanuel (Albert Anis and Charles Greco, 1947)
Tides Hotel (L.Murray Dixon, 1936)
Tiffany Hotel (L. Murray Dixon, 1939)
Tudor Hotel (L. Murray Dixon, 1939)
Waldorf Towers (Albert Anis, 1937)
Webster Hotel (Henry Hohauser, 1939)
Winter Haven Hotel (Albert Anis, 1939)
Bass Museum Addition (Isozaki)
Bass Museum--sculpture by Jose Bedia, Carlos Luna, Dennis Oppenheim, and Joseph Surls
Coral House
Thomas Kramer Building (Arquitectonica)
Lowe's Miami Beach Hotel (Nichols, Brosch, Sanoval, 1996)
Mermaid (Lichtentein)
Miami Beach Regional Library (Stern)
Portofino Towers (Sieger-Suarez Architectural Partnership, 1997)
St Paul's Lutheran Church and Fellowship Hall (V. A. Lundy, 1959)
Sarasota High School Addition (Rudolph, 1958-59)
Tampa Museum of Science and Industry (Predock, 1995?)
Tampa Bay Hotel [now Plant Hall, University of Tampa] (John A. Wood, 1891)

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