Indianapolis Art Center--page 1 (of 6 pages)

Michael Graves

Page one: front (south) exterior views
Page two: rear (north) exterior views
Page three: rear exterior views
Page four: library exterior (west end) and far east end
Page five: interior: entrance foyer, reception rooms, studios, galleries
Page six: library--far west end

This large center (more than 40,000 square feet) houses studios for painting and drawing classes, for print making, for photography, for computer graphics, for woodworking, for glassblowing, ceramics, metalsmithing, and steel and stone sculpture. In addition, it has several exhibit areas, an auditorium, a library, and administrative offices.

The front--south side of this long rectangular building


Google Maps view of the building

The front faces south toward an undistinguished street while the rear porch opens up to a sloped landscaped area terminating on the north in a beautiful pergola. The small octagonal building at the west end is the library.

See also the plan
(from a brochure published by the center).


The monumental entrance

Although the building is essentially a long rectangle, the entrance adds interest and focus. See other buildings by Graves where the facade of an essentially planar front is enlivened with a dramatic entrance.


Attached trellises

This landscape/architectural element was used in the much earlier library at San Juan Capistrano, California, where attached reading gazebos provided trellises.

The far west end; center and right: the main building

The octagonal library is attached by a narrow hall to the larger rectangular structure. See the plan and page 4--library exterior and page 6--library interior.

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