Notre Dame pages include:
page 1: general exterior views
page 2: west front, central portal and tympanum, base sculptures of virtues and vices
page 3: west front, side portals and tympana, two examples of later jamb sculptures
page 4: transepts, transept portals and tympana
page 5: views of the interior

Interior Views, Notre Dame (the Cathedral of Paris)--page 5 (of 5 pages)


The nave looking toward the chancel

The nave consists of eight bays (after entering through the two arcades under the towers). This large cathedral has two aisles on each side of the nave.

The altar and chancel

About 1225 the clerestory windows were enlarged and the triforium was eliminated; here (right image--far right), however, the original oculus between the clerestory and gallery remains.

Sexpartite vaulting in the nave


Looking back toward the entrance with a view of the grand organ pipes

Th right image also illustrates another example of incomplete transformation of the clerestory.

The nave arcade

The arches are supported on large cylindrical piers with crocketted capitals.

Left: vaulting over crossing; center: outermost side aisle


Transept and rose window

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