Notre Dame pages include:
page 1: general exterior views
page 2: west front, central portal and tympanum, base sculptures of virtues and vices
page 3: west front, side portals and tympana, two examples of later jamb sculptures
page 4: transepts, transept portals and tympana
page 5: views of the interior

West Front, Central Portal, Notre Dame (the Cathedral of Paris)--page 2 (of 5 pages)


The west facade with the central portal and tympanum depicting The Last Judgment; with the north portal (left) or the Virgin portal; and the south portal (right) or the St. Anne portal

The side portals and their tympana are illustrated on this page.

The lintels of the tympanum depicting The Last Judgment

The bottom lintel depicts the dead emerging from their tombs at the blowing of the trumpets. All manner of humankind are represented--including warriors and royalty. The top lintel depicts St. Michael holding a balance for the weighing of souls.


The top lintel of The Last Judgment tympanum: the weighing of souls and the enchained damned being led to Hell


Archivolts of The Last Judgment tympanum

On the left side (Christ's right) the saved souls are in the "lap of Abraham," a medieval symbol of Heaven, and on the right side (Christ's left) the damned are in Hell. See below.

Medallions on the bases flanking the door

Fourteen medallions on either side of the door represent the Virtues and Vices. In all cases for the Virtues a woman bears a symbol. Represented below are left: Charity and Avarice with a sheep in the shield and for the vice of avarice, a woman standing by a strong box; center: Humility and Pride with a dove in the shield and for pride, a rider being thrown by a fiery steed; right: Patience and Anger represented by an oxen in the shield and for anger, a woman about to strike a monk.

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