Notre Dame pages include:
page 1: general exterior views
page 2: west front, central portal and tympanum, base sculptures of virtues and vices
page 3: west front, side portals and tympana, two examples of later jamb sculptures
page 4: transepts, transept portals and tympana
page 5: views of the interior

South and North Transepts, Notre Dame (the Cathedral of Paris)--page 4 (of 5 pages)



The south transept

The transept illustrates later Gothic developments: the rose windows, elaborate tracery, and the pierced gables. This entrance is dedicated to St. Stephen, the first of the Christian martyrs, stoned to death for accusing the Jewish council in Jerusalem of having murdered the Messiah. (Acts 7:2-56)


South transept: the St. Stephen's tympanum

The bottom register depicts the ordination of Stephen, his preaching, and his confrontation with the elders of the Jewish council.
Above is his death by stoning with Saul as an isolated figure to the left with a heap of clothes at his feet; a scene relating to his death or the finding of his relics is on the right.

The north transept portal

The lowest register in the tympanum depicts events in the childhood of Christ (the nativity, the presentation in the temple, and the massacre of the innocents) while the next two registers depicts the miracles of St. Theophilus. The trumeau has a statue of the Virgin from the 13th century, which, remarkably, was untouched during the French Revolution.

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