Ducal Palace--page 2 (of six pages)

existing building begun early 14th century

Note that a few of these pictures were taken in the early 1980s although most of them date from a recent trip in May, 2005. Scaffolding occurs in different places in some of the photographs because they are widely separated in time. Recent images are from a high resolution digital camera while earlier images are digitized from slides.

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page 1: southern facade, eastern facade, Bridge of Sighs, Column of St. Mark
page 2: west facade and details, Porta della Carta
page 3: views of the courtyard
page 4: Scala dei Giganti, eastern facade of courtyard
page 5: Foscari Arch and Rizzo's Adam and Eve
page 6: Scala d'Oro
No pictures of the interior rooms since ordinary mortals aren't allowed to take photographs.

The Piazetta (west) facade

This wing was designed as a continuation of the southern section overlooking the lagoon so that it too has a ground-floor arcade with an open loggia running along the first floor. It was begun during the reign of Doge Francesco Foscari (1423-57).

The west facade looking south toward the lagoon

Note the Colonne di San Marco with the winged lion representing St. Mark at the end of the vista.

Details of west facade


The southwest corner: Adam and Eve

The top of Adam's body is visible in the left side image.

The upper registers of the west facade


The Porta della Carta, 1438-42, designed by Giovanni and Bartolomeo Buon

This grand entrance abuts the Basilica of San Marco. The Tetrarchs are visible at the corner of San Marco on the left hand side--center image.

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