Orvieto Cathedral--page 2 (of six pages)

Arnolfo di Cambio; Lorenzo Maitani
1290-1330 CE

The six pages include the following:
page one: exterior views, rose window, mosaics
page two: bronze Evangelists' symbols (Maitani); 20th century bronze door
page three: pillars one and two: stories from Genesis and Messianic prophesies (Maitani)
page four: pillar 3: New Testament events--life of Jesus (Maitani)
page 5: pillar 4: Last Judgment
page 6: interior views; Gentile da Fabriano fresco

Evangelists' Symbols

These representations of the Evangelists are along the cornice that runs right above the central portal and across the lower third of the cathedral. These bronze sculptures were designed by Lorenzo Maitani in 1329-30. They are ordered below as they are on the cathedral--from left to right.

The angel, symbol of St. Matthew


The winged lion, symbol of St. Mark


The winged lion, symbol of St. Mark


The eagle, symbol of St. John the Evangelist


The winged ox (or bull), symbol of St. Luke


The bronze central door

Made by the Sicilian sculptor Emilio Greco and installed in 1970, this door represents the seven works of Mercy divided into 6 panels. The bottom left, for example, depicts giving hospitality to pilgrims while the right next to the bottom and bottom represent visiting prisoners (with the bars) and the sick.

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