Hirshhorn Sculpture Gardens--Index Page

Index of works:

Page One

Archipenko, Alexander. Gondolier
Arman. Eros Inside Eros
Baskin, Leonard. Hephaestus
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine. The Great Warrior of Montauban
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine. Torso of the Figure Called Fruit

Page Two

Butler, Reg. Manipulator
Calder, Alexander. Six Dots over a Mountain
Calder, Alexander. Two Discs
Cragg, Tony. Subcommittee
De Kooning, Willem. Clam Digger
Di Suvero, Mark. Are Years What? (for Marianne Moore)
Epstein, Sir Jacob. The Visitation
Ernst, Max. Under the Bridge of Paris

Page Three

Flanagan, Barry. The Drummer
Fontana, Lucio. Spatial Concepts: Nature
Gargallo, Pablo. The Prophet (St. John the Baptist)
Hunt, Richard. Large Hybrid
Ipoustéguy, Jean. David
Ipoustéguy, Jean. Goliath
Koons, Jeff. Kiepenkerl
Lachaise, Gaston. Standing Woman (Heroic Woman)
Laurens, Henri. Maternity

Page Four

Lipchitz, Jacques. Figure
Manzù, Giacomo. Dancer with a Skirt
Manzù, Giacomo. Large Standing Cardinal
Manzù, Giacomo. Self Portrait with a Model at Bergamo
Manzù, Giacomo. Young Girl on a Chair
Marcks, Gerhard. Girl with Braids

Page Five

Marini, Marino. Horse and Rider
Marini, Marino. Juggler (Dancer; Acrobat)
Matisse, Henri. Back I, II, III, IV
Miró, Joan. Lunar Bird
Moore, Henry. King and Queen
Moore, Henry. Seated Woman
Moore, Henry. Two-Piece Reclining Figure: Points
Moore, Henry. Upright Motive No. 1: Glenkiln Cross

Page Six

Muñoz, Juan. Last Conversation Piece
Nakian, Reuben. The Rape of Lucrece
Oldenburg, Claes. Geometric Mouse: Variation 1, Scale A
Picasso, Pablo. Pregnant Woman (First Version)
Richier, Germaine. Grain
Rickey, George. Three Red Lines
Rodin, Auguste. Monument to the Burghers of Calais
Rodin, August. Walking Man

Page Seven

Shea, Judith. Post-Balzac
Smith, David. Agricola I
Smith, David. Cubi XII
Smith, David. Pittsburgh Landscape
Smith, David. VoltriXV
Smith, Tony. Throwback
Snelson, Kenneth. Needle Tower
Wotruba, Fritz. Figure with Raised Arms
Zuñiga, Francisco. Seated Yucatán Woman

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