Château d'Azay-le-Rideau--page 5 (of 6 pages)


page 1--Entrance facade/front (north)
page 2--Right-angled wing/front
page 3--East and south side
page 4--West side (former garden facade)
page 5--interiors
page 6--interiors

Entrance vestibule and stairwell with pendant keystones and initial "B" for Berthelot

In some places the rib vaulting springs from brackets decorated with figures.

The grand staircase with handrails carved from the thickness of the wall


The Great Hall

This was the main public area of the château, situated on the first floor and with a much higher ceiling than other rooms in the building. The huge chimney piece has a salamander (dating from 20th century restorations), representing Francis I. Some of the hanging tapestries are original.

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