Château d'Azay-le-Rideau--page 2 (of 6 pages)


page 1--Entrance facade/front (north)
page 2--Right-angled wing/front
page 3--East and south side
page 4--West side (former garden facade)
page 5--interiors
page 6--interiors

Front--the wing at right angles to the entrance facade


Doorway once leading through a vaulted passage in the château to a formal garden on the opposite side

The doorway on the other side still remains, several feet above the water! This ornate portal has two carved profile heads facing each other and in antique style, yet another borrowing from the Italian Renaissance.

Decorative single and double chimneys


Ornate dormers

The "G" of Gilles Berthelot, the first owner, is carved in ornate foliate script. Below, the frontal dormer has an ornate "B" for his last name.

Ornate dormers

The dormers also have candelabra motifs and shell designs. Carved lozenges and stylized flowers are part of the horizontal frieze.

Turret (19th century?) replacing an earlier tower


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