Aline Barnsdall House (Hollyhock House)--page 1 (of 2)

Frank Lloyd Wright

Like the Charles Ennis House, executed later, this unique house illustrates Wright's fascination with pre-Columbian architecture, in this case Mayan temples. Stylized patterns of hollyhocks, projecting pinnacles, and a site on a hill surrounded by olive trees and other foliage complete the historical "look" of this house, transplanted to southern California.

The back of the house (west) with the living room in the center section (extended like a "T") and the music room to the left and library to the right


The "hidden" east entrance with a long forecourt


Details of the north side of the entrance forecourt

The dining room, kitchen, and servants quarters extend along the court on the north, while a long gallery and bedrooms extend on the south.

The south side--walled patio and views of the south facade


The nursery at the southeast end; its interior


Views of the south side of the entrance forecourt

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