Tacoma Art Museum: Entrance Foyer--page 3 (of 5 pages)

Antoine Predock

Five pages including:
front exterior
sides and back exterior
entrance foyer--interior
stone garden and Chihuly exhibit
upstairs interior

Looking toward back stairway and hallways forming two sides of the open-air stone garden

See Plan. Part of the Dale Chihuly permanent collection is in the case to the right.

Looking toward entrance

The museum shop and the museum cafe (so-called "Untitled") are to the right in these pictures.

Two-story foyer

The large opening to the second floor adds more natural light to the entrance foyer.

Leroy the Big Pup, wood and paper, by Scott Fife at the entrance to the museum


Wood ceiling panels

The use of wood on the ceiling and on some walls is explained as a way of relating the building to the materials of the northwest.

Continue to page 4--stone garden and Chihuly exhibit.

Work consulted: Building Tradition. Tacoma: Tacoma Art Museum, 2003. [official guide]

See also Predock's Dell Butcher Hall at Rice University.

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