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Venturi Rauch & Scott-Brown

Hammering Man, a 48 foot tall metal kinetic sculpture by Jonathan Barofsky outside the former main entrance to the museum

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) was relocated to the downtown with the construction of this new facility. (See the Seattle Asian Art Museum--the former SAM.) Since then (opening in 2007) an even newer 16 story addition has been added to the museum; the main entrance is now on First Street.

The corner entrance--formerly the main entrance


The south side of the museum

The south wall is constructed on a slope so a broad staircase makes a kind of processional way along this wall. Above, the limestone exterior is incised with lettering in a monumental scale indicating the function of the building.

Base of wall of granite, sandstone and bluestone

Like other "Pop"-influenced buildings by this firm, this museum uses colorful decorative elements to enliven the facade. (See especially the Reedy Creek Emergency Services Headquarters and Fire Station in Florida.)

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